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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong

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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - Outlying Islands

Stone Circle at Fan Lau (Fan Lau, Lantau Island)
This circular arrangement of unhewn stones appears to be laid out deliberately to form an oval-shaped enclosure, measuring 2.7 m by 1.7m, the careful and orderly layout of the stones points to human agency. It is a reasonable assumption that this is a megalithic structure of a type which became common during the late Neolithic (i.e. New Stone Age) and early Bronze Age and which spread throughout the world. Similar structures are known in China and there is no reason why a stone circle should not occur in Hong Kong which is rich in Neolithic and Bronze Age artefacts. The purpose of the circle is not known, but possibly ritualistic.


  Stone Circle at Fan Lau, Lantau Island
Fan Lau, Lantau Island (Plan)

Figure : Transport

For visitors going to Fan Lau, they may take the ferry from Central Ferry Piers to Mui Wo and get on New Lantao Bus (Enquiries: 2984 9848) routes No. 1 or No. 2 to Shek Pik (or get on bus routes No. 11 or No. 23 from Tung Chung Town Centre to reach Shek Pik). Then it takes about 2 hours to walk to Fan Lau via Kau Ling Chung from Shek Pik.



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