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Yeung Hau Temple at Tai O

Yeung Hau Temple is one of the oldest temples in Tai O. The temple was probably built in 1699 or earlier with reference to the oldest relic at the temple, an iron bell cast in the 38th year of Kangxi reign (1699) of the Qing dynasty dedicated to the deity of Hau Wong.

Yeung Hau Temple has long been patronised not only by fishing folks and fisheries merchants in Tai O, but also by merchants from the neighbouring places and the Qing soldiers along the coast. The temple is also popular for its strong association with the Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade which is a traditional festive event with a history of over one hundred years and was inscribed onto the third national list of intangible cultural heritage of China in 2011.

The temple compound consists of the main temple building and side halls constructed of grey brick, granite and timber. The main temple building is a Qing vernacular two-hall-three-bay building, with a courtyard covered with a pavilion in-between the two halls. The recessed façade is supported by granite columns. Exquisite historic Shiwan ceramic figurines portraying Chinese folk stories can also be found on the roof ridge of the entrance hall and the two parapet walls of the covered courtyard.


Po Chue Tam, Tai O(Plan)

Opening Hours

Please refer to the website of Chinese Temples Committee for the opening hours of Yeung Hau Temple, Tai O:


New Lantao Bus

11 Tung Chung Town Centre - Tai O

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