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Sheung Yiu Village (Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung)

Situated within the boundaries of Sai Kung Country Park, Sheung Yiu is a Hakka village that was built in the 19th century by the Wong clan, which originally came from Bao’an County in Guangdong Province. Constructed on a raised platform with a watchtower overlooking the entrance, the village features a row of eight houses with a drying terrace at the front. The village prospered due to its lime kiln, as there was a great demand for its production, which was used as mortar in construction and as fertiliser in agriculture. The advent of modern bricks and cement, however, led to its gradual decline. The village was opened as the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum in 1983 after full restoration. Furnished with farming implements and period furniture, the museum recreates the atmosphere and environment of a small Hakka village. The original lime kiln has also been restored for public viewing.

Sheung Yiu Village


Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung (Plan)

Opening Hours

Please browse the following website for the opening hours of Sheung Yiu Folk Museum:


Kowloon Motor Bus
94 Sai Kung - Wong Shek Pier
96R Diamond Hill Station - Wong Shek Pier (operated on Sundays and public holidays only)

Green Minibus (GMB)
7 Sai Kung (Fuk Man Road) - Hoi Ha
9 Sai Kung (Fuk Man Road) - Lady MacLehose Holiday Village

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