The New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum was formally implemented in September 2009, in which Liberal Studies is a core subject. In line with the implementation, Commissioner for Heritage's Office (CHO) of the Development Bureau launches a teaching kit to provide teachers of liberal studies with teaching material on the subject of heritage conservation.

Commissioned by the CHO and with the Antiquities and Monuments Office's assistance, the Hong Kong Institute of Education is responsible for the production of the teaching kit. To achieve Liberal Studies' aim of cultivating students' ability in thinking with multiple perspectives, the teaching kit uses heritage conservation policies and initiatives of Hong Kong as a starting point to provide teachers with diverse perspectives of related issues, background information of current policies and teaching suggestions.

  1. Cover and Back Cover; Title Page (320KB)
  2. Contents; Foreword; Preface; Editor's Notes (454KB)
  3. Chapter 1: Historic Buildings@Heritage.Conservation (834KB)
  4. Chapter 2: Policy Measures@Heritage.Conservation
  5. Chapter 3: Public Participation@Heritage.Conservation (1.4MB)
  6. Online Teaching Resources (31KB)
  7. Field Trips