Man Lun Fung Ancestral Hall, San Tin, Yuen Long

Man Lun Fung Ancestral Hall, San Tin, Yuen Long
Three-hall ancestral hall
Main entrance

The Man clan originated in Sichuan and migrated to Jiangxi and Guangdong in the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279). The Mans began to settle in San Tin, Yuen Long in the 15th century.

The Man Lun Fung Ancestral Hall was built around the middle of the 17th century to commemorate Man Fat-po (alias Lun-fung), the 8th generation ancestor of the clan. The building follows the traditional style, comprising three halls with two enclosed courtyards between them. A board with the inscription “To Shu Tong” hangs above the screen door of the entrance hall; the ancestral soul tablets of the Mans are housed in the middle hall. This ancestral hall was also used as the office of the village patrol forces and as a school for clansmen in the past.

A full restoration was carried out in 1987, assisted by the Architectural Services Department and the Antiquities and Monuments Office.

Man Lun Fung Ancestral Hall was declared a monument in 1983.

Fan Tin Tsuen, San Tin, Yuen Long (Plan)

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