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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - New Territories

Fat Tat Tong

Fat Tat Tong, built in 1933, is not only a testimony of the history of a renowned Hakka family in the area, but also a typical example of residences of eclectic style popular with the returned overseas Chinese in the early 20th century in the territory.

Fat Tat Tong was built by Li To Wan Tso, a trustee formed by the four sons of Li To-wan, in Ha Wo Hang, Sha Tau Kok, New Territories. Li To-wan was a descendant of the Li clan of Wo Hang. Like many young adults of Sha Tau Kok going abroad to make a livelihood in the late 19th century, Li To-wan went to Vietnam to earn a living at a young age. He and his family returned to Ha Wo Hang with a modest fortune.

Li To-wan's eldest son, Li Kwan-lan, was an influential community leader of Sha Tau Kok and was appointed as one of the three "Tsz Yi" of Sha Tau Kok District in 1936 by the Governor to give advice on matters of local affairs and disputes. The appointment of Tsz Yi was regarded as an honorary offer of the Governor at the time.

Fat Tat Tong is a two-storey residence with a long pitched Hakka style tiled roof and fronted by a flat-roofed verandah. Traditional green brick and timber as well as modern reinforced concrete are used for the construction. Chinese-style sliding doors constructed of metal at all front entrances and rows of windows with metal hoods at the ground floor level are used to enhance the security of the building. Nowadays, Fat Tat Tong still serves as a residence for the descendants of Li To-wan.

Fat Tat Tong was declared a monument in 2013.


    Fat Tat Tong
Address   Ha Wo Hang, Sha Tau Kok, New Territories (Plan)
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