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Man Mo Temple (Fu Shin Street, Tai Po)
Man Mo Temple in Tai Po, which opened in 1892, was built with donations from the Tsat Yeuk Community to serve as a venue for meetings, arbitration and worship in Tai Wo Market Town. Man Cheong (God of Literature) and Mo Tai (God of Martial Arts), symbolising impartiality in handling all rural matters, are worshipped in the temple.

Man Mo Temple is a two-hall, one-courtyard structure. A pair of screen doors are placed in the front hall, flanked by two side rooms. The statues of Man Cheong and Mo Tai are enshrined in a beautifully crafted timber altar in the main bay of the rear hall. The temple is built of grey bricks and has traditional Chinese pitched roofs. The internal floors are paved with Canton tiles. Both the ridges and facade of the temple are decorated with fine plaster mouldings, and there is an exquisitely crafted wooden fascia board above the main entrance.

Large-scale restoration of the temple was undertaken by the Tai Po Tsat Yeuk Rural Committee in 1985, with technical advice and financial support provided by the Government.

Man Mo Temple was declared a monument in 1984.


    Man Mo Temple
Address   Fu Shin Street, Tai Po (Plan)
opening_hours   Please contact Tai Po Tsat Yeuk Rural Committee at 2656 1223 for the opening hours of Man Mo Temple, Tai Po.


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