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Entrance Tower & Enclosing Walls of Lo Wai (Lung Yeuk Tau, Fanling)
The five renowned walled villages in Lung Yeuk Tau, Fanling were built by the Tang clan, whose ancestors branched out from the main Tang settlement in Kam Tin in the 14th century. Lo Wai was the earliest walled village among the five. The Tangs subsequently established 11 villages in the area, known as the ‘Five Wais (walled villages) and Six Tsuens (villages)’.

Lo Wai is a village enclosed by brick walls on all four sides. The original entrance tower was located on the north side of the village but was later relocated to its present position facing east for fung shui reasons. The walled village still maintains its original layout after several renovations, with most of the village walls intact.

Repairs to a portion of the wall were undertaken in 1991 with funds provided by the North District Office. The full restoration of the entrance tower and the enclosing walls of Lo Wai was completed in 1998.

Entrance Tower & Enclosing Walls of Lo Wai were declared monuments in 1997.




Entrance Tower and Enclosing Walls of Lo Wai

Address   Lo wai, Lung Yeuk Tau, Fanling (Plan)

Monday to Sunday: 9am – 5pm

To avoid disturbance to local residents, the interior of Lo Wai is not open to the public.

Transport   Please search the routes of different transportation modes for pre-trip planning.

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