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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong

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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island

Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse - Cape D'Aguilar

Put into service on 16 April 1875, Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse on the southeast shore of Hong Kong Island is the oldest surviving lighthouse in Hong Kong.

Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse is named after Major-General Sir George Charles D'Aguilar (1784–1855), who served as Lieutenant Governor of Hong Kong and Commander of the British Forces in Hong Kong from 1843 to 1848. The commissioning of Waglan Island Lighthouse in 1893 meant that Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse became superfluous, and it was taken out of service in 1896. The disused first-order light was removed and, together with the light apparatus, subsequently transferred to Green Island in 1905 to replace the fourth-order light there. It was not until 1975 that the Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse lantern was re-lit and automated.

Standing 9.7 metres tall, the lighthouse structure is a round granite tower. Both the tower base and the arched doorway are built of rustic stone blocks, while the iron door is crowned with a geometric decoration.

Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse was declared a monument in 2005.

address Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse

Cape D'Aguilar, Hong Kong (Plan)

This lighthouse is still running under the management of the Marine Department. For security and operational reasons, it is not open to the public.




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