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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong

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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island

King Yin Lei, No. 45 Stubbs Road, Mid-Levels

King Yin Lei reflects the excellence of design and construction in both Chinese and Western architecture in Hong Kong, which is a rarity in Hong Kong as well as an outstanding work of art.

Originally named ‘Hei Lo’, the building was designed by the architectural office of A.R.F. Raven and built in around 1937 for Mrs Shum Li Po-lun, the first owner, whose husband, Shum Yat-chor, was a notable merchant and philanthropist in Xinhui in Guangdong. The residence was sold in 1978 to Yeo (Yow) Chei-man and his son Yow Mok-shing, who renamed it ‘King Yin Lei’.

The building is an important landmark in the historical development of Hong Kong. As one of the luxury historic houses located on the hillside of Hong Kong Island, the building not only bears witness to the growing wealth and rising status of the Chinese community before the Second World War, but also represents an earlier phase of Hong Kong history in which a Chinese upper-class residential area took shape in Mid-Levels.

The façade of the building is a popular spot for visitors to take photographs in front of, while its social value also lies in the role it has played in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry and film heritage: the mansion has featured in several internationally renowned productions, including Soldier of Fortune (1955), and the local television series Delightful Dream of the Capital (1980). All of this reflects the beautifully scenic character of the site.

The building was sold to a new owner in August 2007, and work to remove the roof tiles, stone features and window frames was noticed on the site in early September 2007. Full restoration of Kin Yin Lei commenced in September 2008 and was completed in December 2010.

King Yin Lei was declared a monument in 2008.




King Yin Lei, No. 45 Stubbs Road, Mid-Levels

address No. 45 Stubbs Road, Hong Kong (Plan)

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