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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - New Territories

Fortified structure at No. 55 Ha Pak Nai, Yuen Long
The fortified structure at Ha Pak Nai in Yuen Long, built around 1910 after the New Army Uprising in Guangzhou, is a building with a connection to the late Qing revolutionary movement.

One of Dr Sun Yat-sen’s followers, Li Ki-tong (1874-1943) built the Castle Peak Farm in the vicinity of San Shek Wan, Tuen Mun in 1901 with the purpose of storing firearms, conducting riflery and aiding escaping revolutionaries as they fled across the border. After the failure of the New Army Uprising in Guangzhou, Tang Yam-nam (1846-1923) then built a fortified structure at Leung Tseuk Hang Hau (later Long Chok Tsuen), Ha Pak Nai as a base of operations to complement the Castle Peak Farm.

Ha Pak Nai is located at Nim Wan, Yuen Long, overlooking Deep Bay. Sparsely populated in the early 20th century and characterised by long mudflats and woods along the coast, the area offered an excellent refuge, by land or sea, for the failed revolutionaries from Guangzhou and the Castle Peak Farm.

Architecturally, the fortified structure is a grey-brick, two-storey, rectangular building with a mezzanine floor between the first floor and the roof. The outer wall features embrasures for defence. A rice mill and a sugar refinery were once located nearby, but they were demolished years ago.

Fortified Structure at Ha Pak Nai was declared a monument in 2011.


    Fortified Structure at Ha Pak Nai
Address   No. 55 Ha Pak Nai, Yuen Long, New Territories (Plan)

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