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Conditions of Use of the Reference Library at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

Inside the Reference Library

1. Unless with the permission of the staff of the Reference Library (hereunder “the Staff”) or accompanied by an adult, any person under 12 years old should not enter or use the Reference Library.
2. Please be considerate and keep quiet in the Reference Library. Smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping and talking on mobile phones are not allowed.
3. Please do not leave any personal belongings unattended. The Reference Library is not responsible for the safe custody of any personal belongings left in the Reference Library.
4. The Reference Library is under security camera surveillance and recording.
5. No unauthorized photography, recording, or usage of any reproduction equipments is allowed in the Reference Library.

Using the Reference Materials

6. All reference materials are not for lending. They should only be viewed or used inside the Reference Library.
7 Some of the reference materials may not be available for viewing, reproduction and/ or photocopying due to copyright and other concerns.
8. Reservation in advance is necessary for viewing closed stack reference materials. Please submit the duly completed Request Form for our handling.
9. Please handle the reference materials with care. Please do not put things on top of them while using them. Please also do not dirty, fold, tear, remove or take away any parts of the reference materials.
10. All audio-visual materials should be used with the audio-visual equipments provided by the Reference Library.

Reproduction & Photocopying Services

11. Please respect copyright. All reference materials are protected by the “Copyright Ordinance” (Cap. 528 HK).
12 A copy of the “Copyright Ordinance” (Cap. 528 HK) is available on request at the counter.
13. Users of photocopying services (including self-service photocopying services) shall sign the Declaration and Undertaking in accordance with the “Copyright Ordinance” (Cap. 528 HK) and pay the service charges.
14. For reproduction of photographs and/ or photocopy of closed stack reference materials, please submit the duly completed Application Form for our handling.
15. Photocopying of research files and study reports must be performed by the Staff.
16. Photocopying services will stop one hour before the close of the Reference Library.

Using the Workstations

17. The Reference Library provides workstations to access our Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).
18 Users are not allowed to bring their own CDs, CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs, or any computer software for use in the workstations provided by Reference Library.
19. Each user can use a workstation for a continuous period of 30 minutes. After that, the workstation shall be released to other users in the queue.
20. Any irregularities shall be reported to the Staff immediately.

Users who fail to observe the above Conditions of Use shall be requested to leave the Reference Library immediately.


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