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Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse (Tang Lung Chau, Kap Shui Mun, Tsuen Wan)

Situated on Tang Lung Chau (originally known as Kap Sing Island), a small island to the west of Hong Kong and south of Ma Wan in Kap Shui Mun, Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse is one of the few surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong owes its prosperity to trade, and its harbour was a regular port of call for ships even before 1841. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 gave a further impetus to economic growth, and the government and the business community recognised the need for lighting to be provided along the coasts to warn and guide ships at sea.

Also commonly known as Kap Sing Lighthouse, Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse came into service in 1912. Standing 11.8 metres tall, it is a skeletal steel tower with a white lantern on top, both of which were obtained from England. The adjoining brick keeper’s house has a bedroom, kitchen, toilet and storeroom. With no fresh water supply on the island, rainwater was collected from the roof and diverted into an underground tank. Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse has served thousands of vessels approaching Hong Kong from the west since the early 20th century. Managed by the Marine Department, the lighthouse is now automated and unmanned.

Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse was declared a monument in 2000.

Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse, Tang Lung Chau, Kap Shui Mun, Tsuen Wan


Tang Lung Chau, Kap Shui Mun, Tsuen Wan (Plan)

This lighthouse is still running under the management of the Marine Department. For security and operational reasons, it is not open to the public.