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Treasures from Sacred Hill: Song-Yuan Archaeological Discoveries at Sung Wong Toi

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Archaeological Finds

Celadon Incense Burners with Eight Trigrams Pattern
Longquan ware
Yuan dynasty (1271-1368)
Figurine of the King of Medicine
Fujian/Jiangxi ware
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Songyuan Tongbao Coin
Northern Song dynasty (960-1127)
First minted in 960
Celadon Basin with Carved Lotus Petals Design
Longquan ware
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Basin with Impressed Design of Mandarin Ducks in Lotus Pond under Qingbai Glaze
Jingdezhen ware
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Brown Glazed Melon Shaped Jar
Cizao ware
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Incense Burner Leg Decorated with Monster Mark
Cizao ware
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Tile Terminal with Lotus Petals Design
Guangdong ware
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
Green Glazed Bowl
Song-Yuan period (960-1368)
The ink inscriptions "綱司" (gangsi) can be interpreted as "cargo manager".
Dish with Crane Roundels in Underglaze Blue
Late 19th to Mid-20th Century


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