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Central and Western Heritage Trail

Sheung Wan Route

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Original Site of Furen Wenshe (Literary Society for the Promotion of Benevolence)
1 Pak Tsz Lane

Furen Wenshe (Foo Yan Man Ser or Literary Society for the Promotion of Benevolence) was founded in Pak Tsz Lane by Yeung Ku-wan (Yang Quyun) and Tse Tsan-tai in 1892 with the aim of enlightening the public, and it also provided a meeting place for revolutionaries. Some of the members also joined the Xing Zhong Hui. The entrance to and steps up Pak Tsz Lane – the way that members would go when attending meetings – are unchanged today. This historic site is now marked by the Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail. (A memorial plaque can be found in Pak Tsz Lane Park)

1 Old Site of the Central Fire Station
2 Central Market
3 Pottinger Street (Stone Slab Street)
4 Original Site of Xing Zhong Hui (Revive China Society) Hong Kong Headquarters
5 Jamia Mosque
6 Ohel Leah Synagogue
7 London Mission Building
8 Kom Tong Hall (Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum)
9 Original Site of the Daoji Mission House
10 Original Site of the Alice Memorial Hospital and Hong Kong College of Medicine
11 Original Site of the Furen Wenshe (Literary Society for the Promotion of Benevolence)
12 Site of the School where Yeung Ku-wan was murdered
13 Original Site of Yang Yao Ji - meeting place for "The Four Desperados"
14 Commemorative Plaque for Dr James Legge
15 Original Site of Central School
16 Original Site of Queen's College
17 Original Site of the American Congregational Mission Preaching House


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