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International Conference on "Evolution and Rehabilitation of the Asian Shophouse"

The Development of Shophouses in Urban Morphology in Asian Cities


Location: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Hong Kong SAR, China

Dates: 10 - 12 May 2007

Organized by:

Hong Kong's Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO)
Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

Supporting organization :
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects


Shophouse architecture is a building typology that is both native and unique to urban Asia. It is characterized by its hybridity in terms of accommodating diverse functions. Shophouses can be found in most towns and cities in the region. Appropriated by, and adjusted to individual urban cultures, they take various forms and are flexible in their use.


The three-day conference is divided into the following sessions:

I. The origin of the Shophouse and its influence on and from other cultures
This session focuses on the morphology, history and evolution of the Asian Shophouse. Beyond mere inventory-taking, this session shall look into the influence that Asian Shophouse architecture has on other cultures and, on the other hand, how elements from other cultural contexts have been introduced to the Asian Shophouse topology.
II. Social, economic, political and administrative factors affecting the development and conservation of Shophouses in Asia
Social, economic, political and administrative factors play a key role in the development and conservation of Shophouses in Asia. This session serves to compare the realities in different countries of the region and to analyze the challenges urban vernacular cities are facing.
III. Case studies on the conservation of Shophouses in the context of urban renewal or urban redevelopment
  The reuse, recycling and redefinition of Asia’s stock of Shophouses holds critical potential for a more sustainable future. Within the context of the rapid urban development in Asia’s cities, case studies from across the region will give an insight into conservation approaches of traditional Shophouses.

Enquiries :

Agenda is subject to change withour prior notice

8 March 2007
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