Date of completion Title
Rock Carvings Consultancy Study
Dec 2009 Report 1: Condition Survey of Nine Rock Carvings: A Study of the Condition, Management and Treatments of Nine Sites within the Hong Kong Autonomous Boundaries [1.1 MB]
Jan 2010 Report 2: Preservation of Nine Rock Carvings in Hong Kong: A Consultancy Study of Ancient Rock Carvings [11.6 MB]
Jan 2010 Report 3: Consultancy Study on the Preservation of Ancient Rock Carvings of Hong Kong [77.4 MB]
Jul 2010 Report 4: Study Project on the Preservation of Nine Rock Art Carvings in Hong Kong [7.1 MB]
Mar 2012 Provision of Architectural Designs of Protection and Visitor Facilities for Rock Carvings and Inscription in Hong Kong [23.4 MB]
Research Paper of Archaeological Work for Sung Wong Toi Station
May 2014