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Map of Sheung Wan Route Section B
London Mission Building Commemorative Plaque for Dr James Legge Original Site of Central School Original Site of Queen's College Original Site of the American Congregational Mission Preaching House Man Mo Temple Chinese Young Men's Christian Association of Hong Kong (Chinese YMCA) Old Pathological Institute (Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences) Original Site of the Police Officers' Quarters-Caine Road Hop Yat Church Original Site of Tong Meng Hui Reception Centre Commemorative Plaque for the Outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in 1894 Kwong Fook I Tsz Tai Ping Shan Street Tung Wah Hospital Hollywood Road Original Site of the Possession Point (Shui Hang Hau) Original Site of the Tai Tat Tei Original Site of Ko Shing Theatre Bonham Strand Original Site of the Nam Pak Hong Union Original Site of the Western Market (South Block) (Sheung Wan Complex) Western Market (North Block)

Hop Yat Church

2 Bonham Road

Hop Yat Church

Hop Yat Church was the successor to the To Tsai Church. At a National Christian Conference held in Shanghai in the early 20th century, it was decided that an indigenous church should be established to unify the various churches in China. The Church of Christ of China was then set up in 1920, which the To Tsai Church joined the following year. The London Missionary Society later gave up its site at 2 Bonham Road to the To Tsai Church for the erection of a new church. Built in a Neo-Gothic style, Hop Yat Church was named and completed in 1926.

* This building is not open to the public