Rock Carving at Cape Collinson

Rock Carving at Cape Collinson
Close-up of the geometric and sinuous designs on the rock carving at Cape Collinson.
The location of the rock carving.

The rock carving at Cape Collinson in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island was discovered in October 2018. It is located on a cliff, about 11 m above sea level. A combination of geometric and sinuous designs were carved on a fairly flat weathered surface of a natural outcrop measuring about 160 cm in height and 260 cm in width. The designs include elements closely resembling those on Bronze Age stamped geometric pottery and the other eight rock carvings in Hong Kong. In particular, the rock carvings at Cape Collinson, Big Wave Bay and Tung Lung Chau may form a stylistic sub-group worthy of further study due to their proximity to one another and the similarity of their designs. The study of the Cape Collinson rock carving’s stylistic and spatial relationships with other rock carvings may help shed light on the maritime people whose society once flourished in the early days of Hong Kong.

Rock Carving at Cape Collinson was declared a monument in 2019.

Cape Collinson, Chai Wan, Hong Kong (Plan)

The rock carving is located on a cliff. For the sake of safety, notices have been put up near the site to warn visitors against proceeding to the rock carving.

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