Map of Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Ching Shu Hin

Ching Shu Hin

Adjoining the Kun Ting Study Hall and constructed shortly after its completion, Ching Shu Hin served as a guesthouse for prominent visitors and scholars. It originally had no particular name, with Ching Shu Hin in fact referring to a chamber on the ground floor. The restoration of Ching Shu Hin was completed in late 1993 thanks to a donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Ching Shu Hin is a L-shaped, two-storey building. It is linked to the Kun Ting Study Hall by a very small overhead foot bridge on the first floor. Apart from chambers and a lobby, the building includes bathrooms and kitchen. In line with its use as a guesthouse, Ching Shu Hin was richly embellished. The whole building was decorated with carved panels, murals, plaster mouldings, patterned grilles and carved brackets to demonstrate the grandeur and elegance expected of residences of local gentry.

Opening Hours:
9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm daily
Closed on the first three days of Chinese New Year