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Entrance Hall of Shut Hing Study Hall

Entrance Hall of Shut Hing Study Hall

Situated at Tong Fong Tsuen, the Shut Hing Study Hall was built by the Tang Clan in the 13th year of the Tongzhi reign (1874) of the Qing dynasty to commemorate the 21st generation of its ancestor Tang Shut-hing (1810-1856). It was used for teaching and preparing clansmen for examinations and gaining appointments to positions in government.

This structure was originally a traditional two-hall building, with grey brick walls and granite door frames. The lintel of the entrance is engraved with four Chinese characters depicting “Shut Hing Study Hall”. The study hall was left in disrepair after the Second World War. The rear hall was demolished in 1977 to avert a dangerous collapse, leaving only the entrance hall. The interior has become residential buildings. The grandeur of the Shut Hing Study Hall is still reflected in the distinguished design of the roof ridge decorations, murals, carved brackets and fascia boards that survive in the entrance hall.

This is private property and is not open to the public.