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Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall

Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall

The Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall is situated south of the Tang Ancestral Hall. It was constructed in the early 16th century by two 11th generation brothers of the Tang Clan: Tang Sai-yin (alias Yu-sing) and Tang Sai-chiu (alias Kiu-lum). In addition to serving as an ancestral hall, the building housed the Tat Tak School from 1931 to 1961. The last major renovation of the building probably took place during the Guangxu reign (1875-1908) of the Qing dynasty, as indicated by the engraved characters on the stone tablet above the main entrance. The original structure and features of the building, however, remain unaffected. Several repairs were undertaken to the Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall and a major renovation was completed in 1995. The Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall was declared a monument in December 2001.

Comprising three halls with two courtyards, the layout and design of the Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall is similar to that of the Tang Ancestral Hall next door.

Opening Hours:
9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm daily
Closed on the first three days of Chinese New Year