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Kun Ting Study Hall

Kun Ting Study Hall

Situated in Hang Mei Tsuen, the Kun Ting Study Hall was built in 1870 by Tang Heung-chuen of the 22nd generation of the Tang Clan in commemoration of his father Tang Kun-ting. The study hall provided facilities for both ancestral worship and education. When the British occupied the New Territories in 1899, the study hall was once used as the police station and land office. Despite the abolition of imperial civil service examinations in the early 20th century, the study hall continued to provide educational facilities for the clan’s younger generations in Hang Mei Tsuen and the surrounding areas until the early post-Second World War period. The study hall was restored to its original splendour in 1991 thanks to a donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The Kun Ting Study Hall is a two-hall building with a single courtyard. It is made of grey bricks and granite columns. The distinguished design of the ancestral altar, brackets, screen panels, wall paintings, ridge decorations, fascia boards and plaster mouldings inside the study hall reflect the high level of skill of the craftsmen of the period in which it was built.

Opening Hours:
9 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm daily
Closed on the first three days of Chinese New Year