Map of Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail
Lo Wai
Shek Lo

Siu Hang Tsuen

Siu Hang Tsuen

Situated northwest of San Wai, Siu Hang Tsuen has a history of about 200 years. The Tang Clan of Siu Hang Tsuen originally came from Lo Wai, but a lack of living space later prompted them to move to Lung Tong. When they first settled in Lung Tong, it was said there were only 10 houses. After living in Lung Tong for three generations, the clan moved back to Lung Yeuk Tau as the village was frequently harassed by bandits, and established the present-day Siu Hang Tsuen.

The wall in front of the village, together with the archway at the eastern entrance, was built around 1960 to generate feng shui that was better suited for producing male offspring. A small temple called Fuk Tak Tsz, dedicated to worshipping the Earth God, is situated outside the archway.

To avoid disturbance to the residents, the interior is not open to the public.