Map of Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail
Lo Wai
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Tung Kok Wai

Tung Kok Wai

Tung Kok Wai (Eastern Walled Village) was established by the 13th generation ancestor Tang Lung-kong (1363 - 1421). The village has a history of more than 500 years and received its name due to its location in the east of the Lung Yeuk Tau area.

Tung Kok Wai was constructed on a raised platform to protect it against flooding. The houses inside the village are primarily arranged in four rows and face northwest. Originally, the village was enclosed by a moat and grey brick walls with watchtowers at the four corners and an altar at the end of the main alley, but only the entrance tower and part of the enclosing walls still survive. The existing entrance tower was reconstructed in 1953. Inside the tower are four red sandstone column bases and two large granite square blocks. According to local legend, these are the remains of a temple that was built around the time that the village was constructed.

To avoid disturbance to the residents, the interior is not open to the public.