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  1. Tai Fu Tai Mansion & Man Lun Fung Ancestral Hall (revised in Jun 2024)

  2. Yi Tai Study Hall (revised in Jan 2024)
  3. Wun Yiu Kiln Site & Fan Sin Temple (revised in Jan 2024)
  4. The Old House at Wong Uk Village (revised in Jan 2024)
  5. Tang Ancestral Hall & Yeung Hau Temple, Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long (revised in Jan 2024)
  6. Relics in Tung Chung (revised in Jan 2024)
  7. Ping Shan Heritage Trail (revised in Jan 2024)
  8. Lighthouses in Hong Kong (revised in Jan 2024)
  9. Kang Yung Study Hall (revised in Jan 2024)
  10. HKU Heritage Sights and Sites (revised in Mar 2023)
  11. Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre (revised in Mar 2022)
  12. Declared Monuments in The University of Hong Kong (revised in Mar 2022)
  13. Hau Ku Shek Ancestral Hall (revised in Mar 2022)
  14. Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui (revised in Mar 2022)
  15. “Explore Our Heritage” Permanent Exhibition (revised in Mar 2022)
  16. Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (revised in Mar 2022)
  17. Liu Man Shek Tong Ancestral Hall (revised in Mar 2022)
  18. Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail (revised in Mar 2022)
  19. The Fortified Structure at Ha Pak Nai (revised in Mar 2022)
  20. Leung Ancestral Hall (revised in Mar 2022)
  21. Cheung Ancestral Hall (revised in Mar 2022)
  22. Kiln Site at Wun Yiu, Tai Po (revised in Mar 2022)
  23. King Law Ka Shuk Ancestral Hall (revised in Mar 2022)
  24. Fort and Rock Carving on Tung Lung Chau (revised in Jan 2022)
  25. Ancient Rock Carvings (revised in May 2021)
  26. Western School Buildings of Hong Kong (revised in Apr 2020)
  27. Central and Western Heritage Trail Guide Map (revised in Nov 2020)
  28. Residence of Ip Ting-sz (Oct 2011)
  29. Archaeological Discoveries in So Kwun Wat in 2000 (revised in Dec 2009)
  30. Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Tuen Mun (Nov 2007)

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